RQF Level 4 Certificate in Principles of Leadership and Management for Adult Care

Course overview

This course is aimed at helping learners to develop their knowledge and understanding of the principles of leadership and management in an adult care setting. It is an RQF 28 credits course which can be completed within 6 to 12months. 

There is no formal entry requirements for this course but Learners must be at least 19 years of age to start the course.

Funding and Payment options:
DWP and Jobcentre Plus:
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Funding available * Plus employer/learner contribution of £550. For more information complete the contact us form below.   

If Self funding: 
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 2. For payment support use contact us link via Student's hub or fill in the contact us form below.

Course structure 

Entry requirement: There are no formal entry requirements for this qualification however Learners must be at least 19 years or over to be registered into the course.

Method of Assessment: This is a knowledge-based RQF Level 4 qualification where learners will be required to demonstrate their level of understanding of the principles of leadership and management in adult care services when completing the qualification.

Support facility available:
24/7 online access available upon registration, including planned Tutor support.
Online e-learning platform is used to support learner while on the programme.
Tutors are all sector expert with over 30 years experience of working and delivering within the Health and Social Care sector.

Method of Payment
Skills for Care Funding or
Self funding available with the option of installment plan.

All fees paid for the qualification includes e-portfolio allocation, Tutor support, research and support materials, Certificate issue, Learner support if raised and identified, when on instalment plan there is no interest rate charged, upon signing up for the qualification agreed break in learning and qualification can be issued upon request as soon as possibly noticed.

Career Progression:
  • Shift Leader
  • Deputy Manager 
  • Senior Field Supervisor
  • Adult Residential Care Manager
  • Domiciliary Care Manager
  • Regional Care Manager
  • Gain voluntary work in local residential care homes or Domiciliary care

Mandatory units

  • Understand leadership and management of a team in adult care
  • Understand regulatory processes in adult care
  • Understanding communication and information management in adult care
  • Understand partnership working in adult care
  • Understanding person centred practice and continuous improvement in adult care
  • Principles of professional supervision practice in adult care
  • Understand resource management in adult care
  • Understanding management of health and safety in adult care
  • Understanding the management of safeguarding and protection in adult care
  • Understand how to manage and develop self in a leadership role in adult care
  • Principles of effective decision-making in adult care
  • Understanding innovation and change management in adult care
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